Masks I made for the Teacher Sit-in at the Texas Capitol Building.

Making masks for friends

Since shortly after the start of the pandemic, I’ve been making masks for my friends. Lots and lots of masks!

These masks are made of cotton quilting fabric and are 2 layers thick. They’re ones that tie on (no elastic) so they’re completely adjustable to your face because you can cinch them to fit. I mostly make masks to order so if you’d like one that’s smaller for children or if you have a narrow face, please indicate that in the form below.

As I get new fabric or as fabric runs out, I update the form. If you’d like a specific color scheme or pattern, please let me know in the form or message me so I can be on the lookout the next time I go to the fabric store. Going to the fabric store is my most recent version of going to the candy store so getting something specific for you is a treat for me! So you know:

  • I can make 3 masks out of 1/4 yard and that’s the smallest amount of fabric I can purchase.
  • Just because you ask for a specific fabric, you’re not obligated to purchase 3 masks from me. I usually purchase at least a 1/2 of most fabrics.
  • Asking for me to look for specific fabric for you will not cost anymore than using whatever fabric I already have on hand. It just might take longer….

How to order a mask from me:

If you’re interested in purchasing masks, please fill out this form. Each mask is $5 to cover the cost of materials. If I need to mail them to you, it costs around $2 to mail anywhere in the US.

Forms of payment I accept:

  • PayPal (,
  • Cash App (@bigbenford) or
  • Apple Pay Cash via iMessage (if you’d like to pay that way, please indicate in the form and I’ll text you directly).

Wear and Care of your masks:

It’s important that you wear your masks properly and wash them regularly.

  • they go over your mouth AND your nose
  • wear once then wash – don’t think you can wear one for a half day then air it out before you wear it again
  • cinch and tie the mask snuggly – don’t just put it over your mouth and nose like a shield

Here’s a wear and care video I made. Notice how I discover towards the end a different way to wear the mask. That’s how I always wear my mask now.

Mask Making:

If you’re interested in how I make my mask, I made a video because it was easier than figuring out how to create a pattern. (I start with a rectangle, y’all. Is that a pattern?) Feel free to use these instructions and make your own masks if you sew!

Thanks y’all and STAY SAFE!!

Friends who are keeping safe with these masks! (I’d love to add your pictures so send them my way!!)

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